Motion Pads

Motion Pads is the latest brilliant product from Abel Mendoza and I love them. I'll be using them as ambient pads in my Ableton Template but they will work equally well from an iPod, iPhone, iPad or any MP3 player. So here is Abel's explanation.

Are you wondering what is that atmospheric/ambient sound you hear from your favourite worship bands in the beginning or in between of their songs? Are you a single musician struggling to provided as much music for your worship sets? Do you wish you had a second keyboard player to fill the gap while you play the different parts in a song? Do you wish your band sounded rich and full but don’t have expensive equipment or computer softwares?

Then Motion Pads Is exactly what you need!

What is it and how it works?

Motion Pads is a combination of 5 of my favourite pads from the different Synthsation series, 12 minutes long recording MP3 files, all 12 keys. No fancy softwares needed. Import into your favorite DAW such as Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, or simply download and play from your music library on your Mac, PC, iPad, iPod, iPhone or any MP3 players.

Motion Pad is not tied to a tempo, chord progression or time signature, works great on any situation.

e.g. Play the A Pad and play along any song that is in the key of A, and since these pads are not tied to a tempo or time signature you can play a faster song or a slow one or switch from 4/4 to 6/8

Check them out here

Sound like Jesus Culture, Bethel & Hillsong for just £40

Jesus Culture, Bethel, Hillsong, Worship Central and the like are all excellent producers of modern worship. Their songs bless millions each year and inspire countless musicians and worship leaders. The sounds they create are brilliantly designed, amazingly produced and are often frustratingly out of reach for the average church worship team. But today I want to show you how to achieve a similarly amazing sound on a budget.

It's all about the keys!

The trend in modern worship is all about leveraging technology to enhance your sound, this whole blog tries to inspire just that, but specifically is about the keys sounds. Rich pads, detailed pianos and provoking synths seem to be the bedrock.  If you get chance to check out the keys rig of any of the mentioned bands you'll notice the use of midi controllers, laptops, expensive software and plug ins! And when I say expensive I mean it - the industry standard and Hillsong favourite Omnisphere is a huge collection of pad and synth sounds and costs over £250 for just the sounds - then you need another program to host it in. Add to this piano sounds, effects and plugins and, well you get the idea!

The alternative

I'll be honest this solution still requires an apple mac and a midi compatible keyboard or controller but after that you can achieve the sounds for as little as £40!! No expensive software and no expensive plugins.

Meet Abel Mendoza

Abel is one amazing guy and a genius sound designer. His YouTube channel is full of superb logic and keys tutorials but it is his creation of Synthsation that has blessed so many keys players and churches all over the globe. Abel has just released the third version of Synthsation and each one sells for just $24.99, which is about £15. Each volume contains 50 intricately designed patches for use in worship. 

The best thing is that all you need to use these patches is MainStage 3. MainStage is Apple's very own live performance software and is just £21. So you could even get all three Synthsations and MainStage and have change from £70!! You can also save these sounds back into Logic to use in your own creations.

How do they Sound?

Flipping amazing! But watch the next three videos to find out for yourself.

The first video is me just showing you some of my favourite patches and how they look and operate inside MainStage. The next three are from Abel, the man himself.

Ps. You can even link MainStage & Ableton together to have the best of both worlds, trigger loops and play along with these incredible patches.

Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972

Linking Ableton and the beta of OnSong 1.972. Using Midi notes to autodial any song from your songbook

***Please note the megatag for OnSong has changed you now need to use Midi-Index instead of Note-index and place a N before the note number. EG Midi-index: N62