Jason Ray Schoepfer

Today I want to honour an amazing man, Jason Ray Schoepfer. Jason had a dream to connect like minded worship musicians through social media and he started a group for keyboard players who used a piece of software called Omnisphere. The group was called Hillsong Omnisphere Sounds and in little over the year that group grew to over 7000 members. So many “big hitters” from the worship and sound design community have joined the group. This includes musicians from Hillsongs, Jesus Culture, Worship Central and many more. Members of the group share ideas, patches, thoughts and encouragements and it’s become one of my favourite places to hang out, contribute and learn.

Several spin off groups, I believe now eleven, for other instruments and roles have also been created and Jason brings them under the banner of Worship Musicians

The Hillsong Omnisphere Sounds Facebook has recently closed to allow for a new group, still under Jason’s guidance, called Omnisphere Worship Sounds. This is all part of the on going vision to equip and resource the wider worshipping community. It takes a confident leader to close a group of over 7000 and “start again”.

Jason is also a brilliant sound designer and makes his patches available on his site Rocky Mountain Sound - The site is full of great Ominsphere patches as well has his amazing collection of Ambience Mp3s! I’ve recently bought all 12 volumes of these and use them in song creation and in my worship leading. Each of the 12 volumes has an MP3 for each key and I use them in Ableton to fill out sound and create transition between loops and tracks. Quite often I’ll fade one in during a ministry or prayer time and the beauty of having so many is that the sound never gets boring and each volume brings its own textures.

You don’t even need a complex set up to use these, you can simply have them on a iPod and play them from there. I even know sound guys that carry these around to fade into the mix when needed.

On the site you can listen to samples of all the volumes but above is a little taster of "Padilla Bay"

I strongly encourage you to check out Jason sounds and the various Facebook groups listed on http://www.worshipmusicians.org

Thank you Jason!